Solo Brings the Soul

Let’s first acknowledge that my friends are awesome! Upon arrival back into the US they surprised me with Solange Knowles tickets. I was thrilled!

Not so much about Solange (great artist but she’s no Kanye West; I’m dying to see him in concert) but about what she represents. The heavily African influenced costuming. The soul. The great melodic arrangements. She gave me all of it and even had me cutting a rug and breaking a sweat.


With my love Dominique en route to the show…

The energy in the room was just…magical. The eclectic & painfully artistic crowd (very missed kindred spirits, I haven’t met a lot of those in Liberia since I moved) was loud in spirit, applause and herbs.

Ms. Knowles certainly got all the love she poured out to us in return; including that of Janelle Monae, who introduced her and her phenomenal opening act, Roman GianArthur.


…and Lucy


…and last but certainly not least Winnette

It was a great evening filled with music, love & laughs; you know all the things we need to survive this here life.

back lace

Laced & Loved.


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