When Life Hands You Lemons…Say Thank You!

“It’s not fancy until you add some lemon.” The quotes from my best friend are endless and I often agree. I don’t know how lemons got such a bad rap but it’s completely unwarranted.

I love lemons! In my water, on my salmon, on my face face. Below are three of my favorite ways to use what is becoming an unlikely favorite fruit of mind.

As a skin brightener
Thanks to my recent move closer to the African sun, I’m enjoying some of the best skin of my life. Unfortunately, the scars from the not-so-good days are still here. I like to keep it natural so all the bleaching cream options were out. I discovered lemon from my sister a week or so ago and have already seen a fading of the of my past transgressions. After washing my face with organic soap I use half of a lemon to exfoliate and lighten dark spots. As a bonus I get to enjoy how the fragrance dances on my nose as I wash it off.

As a way to help me enjoy the 8+
Eight glasses of water a day is the classic recommendation. Regardless of how that may bore me loads of water is completely necessary. Water is in every cell, tissue and organ of our body, and they need quenching. Lemon adds an extra umph to water’s flavor and to being the only one at the dinner table requesting it. It’s actually great for digestion as well.

As an air freshener
I am living according to the book of Pinterest. So, when the good book told me to boil sliced lemons for a fresh aroma in my home, I immediately busts out the pots. As I cleaned the light fragrance of citrus crept around the corners to greet me. It was awesome. There will be a repeat. Why buy loads of cleaners that are loaded with chemicals imitating the smell of lemons when you can boil up the real thing for much less?

This is just one example of how nature’s remedies are often so much better than anything we can come up with. Enjoy!



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