The Death of Nyna Touch


Portrait 25 Artwork & Track Listing

Three years ago I fell in love with a musician. In true Gemini form he was more than that; engineer by training, rapper by passion, a beautiful writer by gift & the deepest love I’ve experienced to date. True to the cliche we met on a collaborated track and created our love on many others thereafter.

I am getting ahead of myself, let me give you some if my musical history. I come from a very musical family. I learned how to express myself & how to perform in all parts of my life through music. It is my gift and a part of my calling.

After over ten years of auditions, rejections, growth, denial, victories, uncertainty & a dissolved law suit I’ve come to terms with my blessing and have figured out a way to enjoy and share my gift beyond the goal of platinum albums and sold out tours. More of this of this to come as we get more familiar.

Ok, now back to where we started. This musician touched me, resulting in the change of my stage name to Nyna Touch. The meaning of that name is a whole ‘nother story but I digress. Lately, I’ve been feeling disconnected to this person I created.

As I discussed this with my friend Carter, who has been on this journey with me as a creative director of my life pretty much since we were 15 and is one of my biggest supporters, he put things into perspective. “You don’t need her anymore.”

Church! That was it.

Nyna was an extension of me. She was my Sasha Fierce. Conversely, she enabled me to be vulnerable, to express this love that was changing my life, to be sexy and everything else I was uncomfortable being and expressing as Nykita at that time in my life. She was a moment.

That moment is over. What remains is the beautiful project that I recorded as “Nyna Touch” (hear Portrait 25 here), a Youtube page of performances and videos, love for a very special person that has evolved so naturally and made me a better being and most importantly, Nykita.

A Nykita that needs no one or a name to make me comfortable in my own skin.

I’m heading back into the studio this year to record my first album in Liberia. I cannot wait to hear what that Nykita has to say.


4 Comments on “The Death of Nyna Touch”

  1. Buki A says:

    I remember when I saw you perform for the first time years ago and I was so blown away. Great stage presence….and that voice!! WHEW! That voice….You are a true talent, and i can’t wait to hear your first album!

  2. Winnette says:

    At first I have to admit, I was so taken and in love with Portrait 25 that when I heard Nyna Touch had died, my heart sunk. However, after reading this I am so overjoyed for your progression and your ability to recognize that Nyna was indeed, a moment. You are greater than a persona and the Nykita I have grown to know is fierce and sexy and vulnerable and powerful–all that in one; no need for a character when you have the Real Deal!! I love this!! And I am eagerly anticipating more music!!

  3. Im 100% with Winnette! I loved Nyna Touch, excited to see you evolve though!

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