Sweet Awakening

Yes, sometimes LEC doesn’t work, many of the roads are unpaved and what we consider basic amenities are often luxuries there, but I couldn’t get back to Liberia fast enough.

My weeks in Atlanta & LA have been great and I’m even more excited to make it up to DC and New York before leaving but I must say I’m ready to go home.

In this very moment, life in the States is no longer my reality.

This trip has felt like a complex dream. A mostly pleasant one with lots of love, friendship & much pleasure. Then again, there were some nightmare moments of uncertainty, disappointment & hard learned lessons.

As I awake, I’m in disbelief of this dream I get to live. This return is different. I’m not going to visit or experiment, I am dedicating myself to building a stellar life for myself and for as many people as possible in Liberia.

I’m taking the laughter of my nephews, advice of my sisters and the joy of my friends back with me. I can only hope to create half of that happiness in Liberia.

Send me luck love, guys!



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