Nyk Picks: Love. California Love.

One of my best friends moved to California a few years ago. Since then, I make it out to Los Angeles to see her at least once a year. As she has evolved and changed neighborhoods I’ve gotten to experience a tiny bit of the greatness that is California, particularly Downtown LA and Hollywood.

This trip I got to explore tasty bad food at The Waffle, the effortless cool of Abbott Kinney and much more. Check out my Nyk Picks below.

Nyk Picks

Art: Street Art

There was some of it all over the place. Silly quotes, abstract paintings and unexpected inspiration. It really gives the city a striking element for the art lover.


Audrey knows…

Sweat: Runyon Canyon

A previous lover of mine travels a lot for work & is a fitness junkie. He would run local trails anywhere he ventured; I borrowed that idea from him. The first of my trails being the Runyon Canyon in LA. I loved this place! Great views of the Hollywood hills, dream homes and a hell of an incline for my booty. I found out from my good friend, FourSquare that they also offer free yoga there a few times a week. Namaste to that.



Lesson: The Who & Where of Packing Appropriately

Let me tell you a little about my friend Rachel. She is a beautiful petite girl that lives in flats but has some of the most ridiculous heels you can think of. I should also mention that she’s a Gemini and therefore very spontaneous. Because of this packing to go see her is always a little bit of a challenge. My trips to LA with her have been a mixture of rooftop parties, lots of scenic walking and dinners.

I say all this to make a point to be mindful of not only where you are going when traveling but who you’re going with. You don’t want to be the cranky because you’re the only one in heels after everyone decided to take a scenic stroll through the park.

Culture: Sneaker Heads

I got to meet Rachel’s awesome new boyfriend on this trip. It’s always a little daunting meeting the person you’ll either love for your friend or that you’ll have to cut if they hurt her. Joey passed with flying colors. As a bonus he put me on to a culture he’s a part of and that is quite foreign and fascinating to me; sneaker heads.

I know these people. They stand in line for Jordans or pay rent like prices for them. They often are incredibly well versed in various sports and can be quite well dressed in a completely unconventional way.

Sneakers are the one part of urban culture that has always eluded me. A few days of discussion with my new brother and I realized it’s a complex world with its own norms and standards. From heated eBay sales, to respect for tradition and history, the sneaker head culture has an entrepreneurial spirit and a demeanor of loyalty that has now peeked my interest. I intend to learn more about the behaviors of this interesting subgroup.


Deal: Free Ted Talks on Delta Flights

Anyone that knows me knows, I love Ted Talks! So much so that I aspire to have one before I hit 30. As I prepared to swipe my card to get my fix in Economy class I was pleasantly surprised that they were complimentary! I took notes and created some promising ideas on my 3+ hour flight back to Atlanta. An efficient use of time if I might say so myself.

Another great adventure on this tour. Until next time…


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