The Prophet in 14E


My view as we descended on Monrovia, Liberia.


“All those things you’ve been meaning to do. Do them.”

I found this quote on Instagram a few months ago and I was inspired to do just that.

I’ve been traveling for a long time but usually on the dime of my parents and my previous employer. Pride and a feeling of being so blessed came upon me as I purchased my very first international ticket as a consultant a few weeks ago. Although, my entrepreneurial salary can’t quite afford Business Class yet I decided I’d try out Delta Airlines’ Economy Comfort product that offers more leg room and complimentary spirits.

I’ve also wanted to read Kahlil Gibran’s classic book of prose poetry, The Prophet. For years I have been seeing quotes from Gibran that always stop me in my tracks. I knew it was time to dive into some of his work and boy am  happy that I did.

I had a great book and my self earned boarding pass. I was ready to hit the skies.

I lost myself in The Prophet on my 12 hour flight back to Liberia; having a great book and sitting in Economy Comfort made all the difference. The additional leg room sufficed for my 5’5 frame and my Chardonnay Cranberry  cocktail (Chardonnay and cranberry juice) flowed through the hours.

The wine was just one part of my intoxication. My spirit felt elevated by Gibran’s simple & potent work.

This book furthered my journey of freeing myself from ideologies like religion and politics in an effort to get closer to the God in me and in everyone else.

His refreshing opinion from love and marriage to food and drink always echoed back to love and respect for self and love and respect for others. The love he speaks of is not based in dependency or commercialism but in honesty and compassion.

I arrived in Liberia feeling rested, pleased with my independence and purchase & with a better knowledge of how I want to live my life in my new home.

What a blessing it is to have the guidance of those that came before me via literature and some good ole advice in all forms. The adventure continues…


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