Safari Saturdays

There are two places that I feel at home; on a stage and in nature. So when I was asked to perform at Safari Park Restaurant in Paynesville, Liberia I was all in.


Safari Park is an intimate setting that brings the outside in via lots of greenery and big beautiful windows. It has one of the best energies I’ve experienced in Liberia.

As I am writing music for my upcoming album I find it equally important to get with a band and have a good ole jam session every now & then. It just does something awesome for your creative juices.


My friend Marjean hooked me up with five young men that are all multiple instrumentalists, artists and know how to really get down. They call themselves the Harmonizer band. They sing with me, dance at their respective instruments and remind me how fun it is to play my voice with other live instruments.

As a performer I always prefer live music; it just breathes and lives like I do. Saturday night had a life of its own. It was like you could almost touch the beauty in the room. I can’t explain how much love, support and encouragement I’m getting from my people. There are no words for that feeling. I am beyond grateful.


 I’ll be at Safari Park Restaurant on July 6, 2013. If you’re in Monrovia, come jam with me!


2 Comments on “Safari Saturdays”

  1. BessieAkuba says:

    Do it! {Love the out fit!!}

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