The Wild Wild West

Resting my crown and letting the universe guide me.

Resting my crown and letting the universe guide me.

I had an interesting Gchat conversation with a dear friend of mine in Ghana this morning. Since our Miss Africa USA pageant days we both have moved to our home countries and are working in our respective careers.

I’m so proud of us.

However, this morning my darling had a tinge of frustration in her voice. I knew exactly what it was because I, too, am experiencing it. As West Africa rebuilds many of us are finding ourselves in the wild wild west circa 2013.

Millions of dollars pouring in, crooked politicians, social fear tactics and an overflowing batch of talent arriving excitedly only to meet the often disgruntled talent that never left.

It’s a bit intense and can cause many repats some serious growing pains.

Being raised African does not exclude us from the culture shock of having an American accent or European ethics in Africa. The judgement, fear, dismissal and downward meanness that can result from those characteristics catch most of us off guard.

Even as an African (born and partially raised) I am amazed by the complexity, depth, diversity and overall awesomeness of modern African culture. I’m taking in so much information in such little time right now!

Between dissecting my own intricate family history, West African philosophers, naturalists, artsits and customs that I believe I should be familiar with, I am often exhausted by night fall.

After a mini meltdown the other evening, I realized how silly I was being. I had already done the hard part by making the decision to be present and learn. That’s it. One book, one cousin, one artist at a time. Since then the universe keeps reminding me that what is for me will always find its ways to my eyes, ears and heart even in the wildest of circumstances.


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