26’s Peace & Quiet


All the cabins at Libassa are named after endangered animals in Liberia. I spent my time with a crocodile. The cabin, that is.

At 26, I have been bitten by the yoga bug. I have a fascination with understanding myself and the world around me better. Yoga creates an opportunity for me to do this with nothing but my being and the willingness to learn. I’m sure my boyfriend doesn’t mind what it does for my body either.

Recently I added meditation to my practice so when I heard  a group of lovely folks were heading out to Libassa Ecolodge in Marshall, Liberia for a silent meditation and yoga retreat, I was in.


The rooms were super rustic. Loved it.

The weekend getaway from Monrovia’s party and social scene was more needed than I even realized. Many of my fellow retreaters attend a weekly meditation session and were taking their practice to another level with a eighteen hour vow of silence. Impressive stuff. Since, this was my first time really meditating and being silent I committed to eight hours of silence; quite a feat for a Chatty Cathy like myself.

I learned that silence is more beautiful than anything that can be said sometimes.

The things you hear during silence is deeper; your breath, uncomfortable thoughts, forgiveness, epiphanies and much more lie in silence.

The things floating around my head at 26 would amuse, sadden and encourage many. Interestingly, I hadn’t taken enough time to see what was in there myself until this weekend. My love to share sometimes hinders me of just dealing with my life individually. I’m sure it was by divine intervention that my data ran out while I was in the middle of nowhere. No Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook meant having to deal with anything I had been over-sharing. It surprisingly felt good.


No killing the bugs. Does it get more granola than this?

I love how they built this place. Green everywhere.

I love how they built this place. Green everywhere.


Our yoga studio for the weekend where the ocean whispered to me. Beyond relaxing experience.


My fellow retreaters. We had such an awesome energy together…even in silence.


We had a silent dinner and breakfast at this single table. It is amazing how you can communicate with no words.

After the two silent meals, my first head stand (YAY!) and a refreshed mind, body and spirit the retreat was over. A few of us stayed after to enjoy the beach wine, conversation and freedom.


Keeping great company on the beach.

I’m truly grateful for such a wonderful life and experience. 26 is really looking up.




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