Friendship + Fashion

The way I see it, there are only four types of friendships.

Okay, that could be the over organized Virgo in me talking but I think I’m on to something. There may be a few shades of grey within these categories but they remain the umbrellas under which we interact with each other.
While cleaning out my metaphoric and literal closets in preparation for Liberia’s dry (and festive) season I started thinking about the placement of individuals and items in my life. Here’s what I found.

Fashionable (Afropolitan) Friends.

Fashionable (Afropolitan) Friends.

Partners + Shoes

Although you have family and friends that you love dearly there is only one person with which you share this kind of intimacy. Your partner is often the first person you call when the news is unbelievably good or disastrous.

The equivalent of this partner in my closet is the shoe. Shoes make or break an outfit, so choose wisely my friends. Often the shoes on a woman’s feet cost more than the rest of her outfit. Why? Because shoes should be about quality.

In many other areas in your closet you can cut the quality corner for a trend or a great interpretation of a classic style but this is the place in your closet worth investing. A great shoe, like a great partner will give you all the love you give it for a lifetime.

Best Friends + Bags

I had four best friends waiting for me when I got to this life; Mom and my three sisters. Other than the tattoo the Garnett Girls share there is an irremovable mark in each others lives that we bonds us. As for my mother, there is no visible mark but her influence is everywhere.  Add in my three sisters by choice, also known as my front line of friends, and that makes me a pretty lucky girl.

I have this same luck and love for handbags. I like them fly and unique.  Some are classic like my oldest sister Charmille, some are afro futuristic like my big sister Tanya and others are sexy & chic  like the sister right above me, Quellie. The point is each bag is unique and says something about me or the me on display at the moment. Bags & besties are like mirrors; they reflect some part of who we are.

Friends + Denim

Although these are not best friends, there is love here and these people would have key roles in my Lifetime movie. This same feeling goes for jeans. About two years ago I went on a jean strike until I could find the perfect one. I discovered after much frustration, that there is no perfect jean; like people, each one has its particular imperfection.

These days I add a pair or two to my closet when I find an amazing fit. The jeans that remain are versatile and sometimes the only piece of my closet (or friend) that will do for an occasion.

Associates + Accessories

This group of people aren’t really needed but isn’t life a bit more fun with them around? Associates. Clearly not friends but people you say polite hellos to. Sometimes, they’re your dentist or someone from college but they regularly add a splash of something to one’s lif

They can be a go to item for a season, remain with you like the diamonds you only wear for special occasions and/or hate on you silently (which you discover a season later in pictures). Either way they’re fun and will always reflect who you are in various stages of your life.

So, sound about right?


4 Comments on “Friendship + Fashion”

  1. sharonda cober says:

    I love the combination of words you put together, sis! I said you are amazing and I would like to add this to the list of whys! Thank you for sharing I will now repost this! Keep smiling

  2. liz says:

    you are brilliant!! Everything i learn about you just makes me love you more!! I’m like, yup, I agree, yup I get it! So happy to have met you!!

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